Mario Duguay
Messenger of Light




De l'ombre à la lumière
The paintings of Mario Duguay inviting you to enter a fantasy world where the beauty of the images is such that it is projected into a world of peace and serenity.

You will discover in this book, through more than 270 works, the artistic career and personal journey of this painter, light messenger. Fruit of his constant inner discoveries, its rich works in color and symbols were made in order to excite you and brighten your life.

Admire the brightness of his paintings, traveling in his magical world and let yourself be carried away by the magic of his images created from inspirations such visions of a dream.

From darkness to light is the perfect collection for anyone looking for a well-being inside. The walk will take you literally in the heart of yourself, where it's possible to pick your share of light ...

• The book is bound and full color, each page is varnished to enhance color;
• Significant work release will be made for this book;
• This book is a collection book for fans of Mario Duguay;
• Texts in french on his technique, his visions, his career, on the strength of "self" ...
• It contains a collection of paintings starting from his first work performed to date.

25.95 CAN / Each

Signed by the artist.
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