Mario Duguay
Messenger of Light



Non-commercial use

Using pictures of Mario Duguay on personal websites
Mario Duguay is greatly affected by the interest of thousands of people to use his pictures on their website. Mario Duguay gives you the right to download the images free on the and site and use them for personal profit.
• You must use the images in the site.
• Given the large number of requests, please do not make an application.
• On your site, marked "Image by Mario Duguay" must be entered and a link to must necessarily be visible.
• No permission abuse will be tolerated.

Commercial use:

Cover books and CDs
• Your editor must contact the artist at the following address:
• If your project is approved by the artist, a fee of $ 200.00 CAD per image are required to cover copyright. Additional charges for sending the image to a DVD will be added depending on your region.
• The image usage charges and delivery charges are payable by money order or PayPal.
• The image is delivered to you in high resolution on DVD in .jpeg format and .tiff.
• Please allow several weeks to finalize any deal.
• Once in possession of the image, you have the right to use it only for the purpose for which you have purchased copyrights. It is forbidden to use it for any other use.

Commission (custom painting)

Sorry, Mario Duguay do not takes anymore commercial or personal commission in that style of painting.
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